Does a Backlink Service Work?

Benefits of Hiring a Backlink Maker

When optimizing a website for search engines, you want to make it more visible to the target audience by making it rank higher on the search engine results pages. The main factor that can get you a high ranking on search engines is backlinks. The most convenient way to get them is through a buy backlink service.

But the question is, do backlink services work? To answer the question, you should first consider what Google has to say. According to its rules and regulations, purchasing backlinks to improve the rankings is against its guidelines. The search engine giant considers links as votes, and that’s why it also considers paying for votes is unethical and that websites should utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques instead.

Do Backlink Services Work

Google penalizes websites that are found to employ the services of a backlink maker. It is common for penalized sites to lose rankings for at least six months. There are even some sites that can’t recover their rankings. It means that the search engine has blacklisted the site.

White Hat Backlink Strategies

But if you were to ask, do backlink services work? The answer is yes. While there are some risks involved, a lot of businesses still use and buy backlink service. A lot of them get good ranking in search engine results pages and have never been negatively listed by Google. The reason that they are successful is that they use white hat (ethical) backlink strategies.

There are billions of links on the internet, and Google can’t differentiate between natural backlinks and paid ones. The best backlink is something that was creates to make them look like a normal link on an ordinary website. If the website sells only a couple of backlinks to businesses that are relevant to it and placed within related articles, then Google will not flag the backlinks as paid ones. That's the importance of using a niche backlink service.

Choose High-Quality Backlink Services

High-quality backlinks are more expensive than low-quality ones. While low-quality backlinks do work, it is still a 50/50 chance whether they can have an effect on your rankings or not. Plus, they are risky. The way you create backlinks is important.

A low quality service in buying backlink has to automate the backlink acquisition to make a profit, and they often include linking to spam industries that include pharmaceuticals, gambling, and adult content sites. They can also link to irrelevant sites or use copied content that is included in the link. It will be easier for Google to flag your website.

So, do backlink services work? Yes, but it involves some risks. You need to make sure that you use white hat backlink strategies to avoid being flagged by Google. You should invest on services that promise high-quality links that are manually created. There’s no reason why you should consider paying for low-quality links. Even though the rates are higher, you should always consider paying for high-quality backlink services. That’s the only way you can improve your rankings without the risk of being penalized by the search engine giant.