Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO and Why Use Them

As a social experience in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) , I've decided to experiment with long tail keywords and their importance in good web design. My eventual goal is to reach higher ranks with different terms with a focus on "backlinks ". Backlinks are a competitive niche and are difficult to rank highly with a new website with no page rank so it's important to generate traffic with less competitive keywords.

Find Long Tail Keywords

My Strategy

  • Long Tail Keyword Research
  • Article Writing Using the Long Tail Keywords
  • Back linking my Long Tail Keywords

Find Long Tail Keywords

The tool I found useful is Answer the Public . Answer the public is a research tool in researching long tail keywords. After researching each generic term I would compare them to the results in Google Ads research tool on determining search volume and competition. It's important to pick low competition keywords with decent traffic volume.

Find Long Tail KeywordsExpand

Article Writing Using the Long Tail Keywords

After discovering which Long Tail Keywords I would like to rank high in, I then used article writers.

A good resource on article writing is: Fiverr

It's important to achieve a minimum of 500 words in each of your articles. Having 1,000 word articles are even better but remember to make the article interesting to keep your reader focused while maintaining a decent time on site.

Back linking my Long Tail Keywords

This page will be updated as the experiment continues.