The Importance of Backlinks

If you have been reading on the subject of Search Engine Optimization, then you have certainly seen the word “backlink” and probably are wondering what it is and why do we need backlinks. Therefore, we will try to explain the whole idea behind the term, its value and how it can help us.

What Are Backlinks

Backlinks are basically links which lead to your website from another website. For example, if you put the link to your website in your Facebook or Twitter profile, that is considered a backlink. They are also known as Inbound links and present an essential part of the off-page search engine optimization process

Why Do We Need Backlinks

Most search engines operate in such a manner those sites with higher amounts of quality backlinks will get more credit than ones that don’t have as many. Backlinks are an indication factor which shows how popular a site is. The more backlinks a site has, the more relevant its content is and the higher it is ranked in the results pages of the search engines.

It’s important to emphasize on the fact that search engines only take into consideration quality backlinks. Just getting random backlinks isn’t of much use and it might even have an opposite effect. A high quality, high authority backlink would be one that holds relevant content and is ranked well in the search engines as well. An example of fairly good relevance would be if you have a website for automobile reviews and receive a backlink from a car manufacturers website. Aim for higher relevance.

Why We Use Backlinks

Inbound links play a major part in the ranking algorithm of search engines. The idea is to have them be built slowly over time. In the past it was much easier to accumulate a large quantity of “quality” backlinks as search engines did not care about the relevance of sites, authority didn’t hold such weight and quantity was the single most important factor. That led to an abuse of the algorithm and reduction in its impact. Fortunately, techniques such as link farms and hidden links no longer work and might even get your website blacklisted by Google's algorithm defining its search rank.

Quality backlinks will generally also bring traffic to your website. It is a way of people to find your website and decide for themselves whether your content is relevant to their needs and interests.

How to Backlink Your Blog

The only thing that should be unclear so far is how can we obtain and create backlinks. There are hundreds of ways to do that, but first, we suggest that you get ranking technical resources that analyze search rank to be able to identify the authority of a website before obtaining a backlink there. Other beneficial techniques to get backlinks are:

  • submit a guest blog post on another popular blog
  • comment in forums – don’t just spam your website, your posts should be of value and relevant to your website
  • post your blog on social medias
  • buying backlink service

It is essential to understand how backlinks function and what their role is if you have a website and want to turn profit out of it.