What SEO Works in 2020

1. Exact Match Domains

Google updates their Exact Match Domain Names rules last year and supposedly removed the benefits of having an Exact Name Domain. This reduced the traffic of many websites that probably shouldn't have ranked high. The truth of the matter is Google was mainly aiming at Spam websites that had lower page rank and trustworthiness. You can still create an exact match domain names and rank high without a lot of problems. The problem that many websites encounter was a low citation flow and the domain name was a relatively new.

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Do they deserve it? Who really knows the answer and What SEO Works in 2020? The reality is that if the same article was published on a high trusted website, the article would most likely rank high in google. During the reign of exact domain names we noticed plenty of domains raise up the Google rankings with few amounts of quality content.

domain names work in SEO 2017

2. New Material

People continually mention creating content multiple times a week provides a sweet result in google. The truth is that it actually works. Creating new content consistently on a website keeps it fresh in the eyes of google and will result in previously written articles with a high quality written SEO (search engine optimization) pages to rank higher. Focusing on long tail keywords (low competition keywords that provide searchable terms) in new website pages provides additional avenues of website traffic.

A balanced approach is the best approach. Keep in mind that focusing on new content continuously is good but not the best pathway. A balanced approach of website promotion, creating guest lists, writing guest posts or something similar will probably provide more traffic per post then by just creating posts every month. The reason new material is important in 2020 is that google itself likes to present new material that is the latest technology. Why would they want to provide outdated information when they could provide a new website built on new technology with updated relevant material. You will notice websites with a lack of information will actually rank higher than a well written lengthy article.

3. Google likes google ( YouTube )

Google often ranks videos and other related google posts higher than older websites that previously ranked well in the SEO that works well in the Google algorithm. It is highly recommended creating videos with SEO optimized backlinks pointing to your website. We won’t say that google is biased towards their own products but let’s be honest google is in the business to promote themselves.

youtube works in SEO 2017

A quality YouTube video will initially push into search results then creating a well written SEO optimized article. We hardly see VIMEO videos appearing in search results but the same video on YouTube will rank. Tricky huh? The staying power of a video is not long term like a well written SEO enhanced article but the video process cannot be ignored. Using it as a traffic generating platform is important. Videos work in 2017 for SEO.

4. Long tail keywords

Historically long tail keywords have always been important. A good trick to discovering long tail keywords not listed in different keyword finders is to use analytics software. You should discover how people are currently reaching your website content. You may be surprised to find specific keywords that where not on your SEO roadmap.

Usually a decent way of utilizing those discovered keywords is writing some addition material at the end of your article including those specific phrases. You could also add a FAQ section with some answers that would provide a nice touch to any article that you want additional traffic reaching. Longtail keywords worked in SEO in the past and are especially relevant in 2017.

5. High PR ( page rank ) links work

High Page Rank links have always worked and often help websites the most in getting articles indexed. Utilizing : fresh articles, exact match domain names, aged domains with high authority and YouTube videos with links back to your main site will provide the type of Page Rank power you need. Guest posts on relevant niche websites with a high PR with non-spam techniques of back linking will provide a huge result in your quest for google dominance. With a quality PR (page rank) resource linking towards your website.

You should remember that google has not updated page rank. Their lack of updates basically says that Google cares about page rank but for how long no one knows. They used to update page rank regularly and webmaster would use great care in protecting a website to maintain a quality rank. Remember to make sure that the resources you use with a high Page Rank do not contain a mass number of backlinks to shady resources. Each website page you link from should not have an excessive amount of outbound links. This would diminish the strength and quality of your link. Quality over quantity is a good rule to follow.

6. Google Webmaster tools

Webmaster tools work in SEO 2020

It's important to submit your page to google webmaster tools the moment you publish it because plenty of bots exist that steal your content without providing reference back to your website. Letting google know you published a post is a good way to avoid your material being copied. Using webmaster tools to request indexing of your newly created page is a valuable resource in preventing plagiarism.

7. Page Speed

Page speed matters and works well for SEO in 2020. It's important to provide a fast user experience through updated technology. Even if you cannot afford expensive hosting with dedicated servers and are using shared hosting accounts, you can provide a fast user experience buy optimization and technology on the back end. This website is hosted on a shared hosting account but utilizes the latest updates and technology to provide a fast user experience.

Google PageSpeed works in SEO 2017

Resources on Page Speed
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8. Social Backlinks

Social backlinks will work in 2020 and most people nowadays use different social media platforms. By using these platforms, you can augment your strategy for SEO in 2020. The more social media likes shares and other interactions you have the more social engagement happens.

Social Media Works in SEO 2017

It's a circular cycle and will provide google an indication that your site provides relevant material. What SEO Works in 2020? YOU NEED GREAT CONTENT because even with a high social media interaction, once your visitor reaches your website you need them to interact and stay engaged with your material.


This page will be updated regularly as What SEO Works in 2020 is effected to buy different google updates and recommendations.