White Hat Backlinks

Why Use White Hat Backlinks

There are plenty of people which could make the case of using black hat search engine optimization with bad reputation backlinks. That would indeed give you fast results in terms of Google ranking despite Google's work to limit such activity. The fact is using high authority white hat backlink is important if you are aiming for lasting search rank term results. It’s the only way to ensure that your goal achievements will be sustained through different Google updates. By maintaining quality links your website won’t be punished during Google algorithm updates.

white hat backlinks

People who advocate black hat SEO always seem to forget to mention of the fact that your site will eventually be caught by Google’s bots and be thrown out of the search engine, or at the very best case scenario be put somewhere at the bottom of your keyword's search result.

Qualities of White Hat Backlinks

Recently a high authority company made a research which stated the connection between high-quality backlinks and Google’s search ranking results. As you probably would’ve guessed, the better the backlinks, the better ranking a person receives.

Before the implementation of Penguin, people would be able to post randomly spun articles with backlinks to their site and place them in different irrelevant directories and still reap good results, however, this is no longer the case. Wrong links will eventually get your site penalized and in some scenarios even blacklisted by Google.

A niche backlink service would provide backlinks with the following qualities:

• Relevancy to the content of your website
• The white hat backlinks will be “natural”
• High domain authority of the given backlink.

White Hat Backlink Strategies

While you are trying to increase your traffic, there is a common mistake to forget about few simple things that can really boost your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) online. Here are some few simple tricks:

• Don’t forget how important blog commenting is. This is the perfect way to promote your content and build a natural link. Try to keep comments real and interesting and stay away from spam looking comments that no one will follow or appreciate
• Insert real relevant material into your SEO strategy. Surely it is a very time-consuming goal to accomplish, but if you actually produce quality material you will succeed in achieving relevant backlinks. In order to make this happen try to adjust your current content with the new and relevant material that is pertinent to your industry.
• Create a professional press release that would be relevant to your niche. Compile a list of article directories that provide “do-follow” backlinks.

Should You Buy Backlinks?

It’s a hard question to answer. Generally obtaining white hat backlink is a demanding task, which might not always be accomplished. Spending a lot of time and efforts and not gaining anything in return could be quite frustrating, that is where manual backlink service succeeds. Quality manual backlink services provide a certain amount of good backlinks, with some of them being really high authority page rank sources. On top of that, the backlinks usually allow for more than a single page submission. Obviously, the negative side of all this is that you have to pay for it.

Speaking from experience, the price you pay is generally quite worth it in the amount of time you would have to spend to obtain any kind of results on your own. Search engine optimization is becoming more complex with each new day, especially when we talk about Google’s services as they have developed artificial intelligence whose sole purpose is to improve the company’s algorithm constantly.

There are many directions a person could take with respect to backlink building. Choosing Black hat SEO can give some benefits, but I strongly emphasize on the fact that it’s not worth it. So to some things up White Hat Backlink are more expensive and more efficient in the long run, the only “disadvantage” is the fact that it takes time and effort.